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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

2011-08-14 13:19:34 by MA3HbO

First and last post.

Seems like newgrounds can't handle proper heavy music and only tolerates the trancy-shitty drum and bass and dubstep.
Thanks to all those who took the time to write some nice reviews on my tracks.
If anyone wants to stay in touch with my productions follow me on soundcloud, you can also contact me on AIM if you have any production-wise questions.
Cheers !

AIM: vadednb

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


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2011-08-27 18:19:28

Yea man i understand you,it seems best rated track are some super gay melodies hehheheh:)


2011-09-06 17:13:40

the funs all at soundcloud now anyways!


2013-09-03 16:02:29

Shame he didn't stick around for when the Dubstep section expanded...